Thursday, 10 November 2011

Who We Are?

Beeravolu Technologies. is a professional web solutions provider, creative and innovative web design and development company based in India offering cost effective solution for companies, corporate and individuals seeking Custom website design and professional development in XHTML/CSS and .NET (dynamic web applications with MS SQL Database).
We started working as a freelancer web designer and developer. With constant appreciation and good response from our clients all over the world for our creative and original designs and development work, we started working as full time. Now, we are a professional web design and development company named 'Beeravolu Technologies.'

Business Solutions For All

We are a team of well-qualified, trained and experienced web developers and designers to ensure you a successful project. Our latest trends can highlight each & every part of your esteemed company to bring it out to the public as a fresh and powerful organization.Beeravolu Technologies is offering from the simplest basic website design to an advanced custom built database driven dynamic web application. We have all to fulfill your requirements according to your status.
We are committed to impart only High Quality services. Our EXCELLENT, cost effective and prompt services give immense satisfaction to all our clients whether a small business or a big industry. Designing is an Art - It needs the creativity with original fascinating ideas which makes you stand above your competitors.

Vision and Our Mission

Our prime objectives are 'satisfaction to our clients' and 'excellent and prompt services' which is not only given in words but our deeds prove it. The motto of our company is 'Creativity Defines Success'. It enhances our experience in all fields and sphere of work.
We have provided services to all kinds of professional, educational, technical, and industrial organizations in the short span since we started our company. Our website and portfolio can give you a better insight of it.

Our Vision

To offer reliable, high quality, innovative solutions and cost-effective alternative to inhouse resources for strategic and tactical business processes through developing websites and web solutions. Our ability to deliver quality services is our benchmark for measuring customer success.

Our Philosophy

Manifestation of original ideas of our clients in the shape of web designing and development, offering services to bring them rapid progress and facilitating organizations or persons to focus on their core-competencies thus maximizing their return of resources and imparting them complete satisfaction is our philosophy.

Perfection and competency to satisfy our clients is the hallmark of our company. Originality and creativity of the task gives immense stimulation and motivation for better performance. Our greatest aim is to satisfy our clients according to their given ideas as well as forwarding and guiding them professionally to enhance their business internationally.

Quality Essence

Transparency, visibility, distinctiveness, authenticity, innovative, original and creative approach, quality consciousness, timeliness along with program management and development fully tested and communicative makes our services accessible to our clients by devising a solution after understanding customer requirements only.
We understand "It is Web designing and developing only which give an organisation/company international identity, which should be authentic and strong to present them fully thus providing them a raised platform to use their resources in a better way."

Our Work Process

We follow different models of development life cycle which suits your project the best.
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Business Opportunities

business opportunities with us
With our established expertise as one of the leading web design and development company, we implement a successful business solution to enhance your business model. Owning your own business guarantees you the freedom to work on your own terms and the opportunity to set your own goals. We offer many such advantages that you simply won't find in other business opportunities.
Who is it for?
If you are in business of any type or size related to Information Technology already, or you want to step into the field of web services and solutions provider, you are at the right place on the web. We believe and practice transparent and honest work policy with our clients and business associates. We can assure you success in the web designing and development field as we know our potential and capabilities, and the quality of work and service that we give are excellent.
How would we work?
You pay us a small initial investment. You start providing any or all of the web solutions that we offer directly to your clients while we will work for you. We will offer you percentage based commission on every project you bring to us.
As a business partner of Beeravolu Technologies, both your business as well as Beeravolu Technologies mutually benefit from shared objectives and values.
Let's grow together
We welcome the opportunity of mutually beneficial partnerships and seamlessly integrate with your business to devise the best possible solution. Regardless physical boundaries or geographical restrictions, web services can be offered at any place. At Beeravolu Technologies Design Studio, our team respects and carries this global vision. We believe internet is 'one nation' and we all are a part of it, therefore it becomes our responsibility and reason to make it a better place.


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